Scientific Council

Scientific Council of National Science Platform FOTONIKA-LV,
in Quantum Sciences, Space Sciences and Related Technologies
at the University of Latvia:

  1. Prof. Sune Svanberg, Lund University, professor emeritus, Sweden;
  2. Prof . Lorenzo Pavesi, Trento University, Department of Physics, Italy;
  3. Prof. Andris Ambainis, University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing;
  4. Prof. Andrejs Siliņš, Vice President of Latvian Academy of Sciences;
  5. Prof. Valdis Segliņš, Vice Rector of Natural Sciences, University of Latvia;
  6. Dr.chem. Donats Erts, leading researcher, Institute of Chemical Physics, University of Latvia;
  7. Dr.phys . Vladimir Gostilo, CEO, Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd,, Latvia;
  8. Mr. Daumants Pfafrods, CEO, Light Guide Optics Int. Ltd,, Latvia;
  9. Dr. Janis Valdmanis, General Manager, Thorlab’s Ultrafast Optoelectronics Team, USA;
  10. Dr. Rashid Ganeev, ERA Chair, National Science Platform FFOTONIKA-LV, Uni. Latvia;
  11. Prof. Dainis Draviņš, Lund University Professor of Astronomy, Lund Observatory, Sweden;
  12. Prof. Andris Vaivads, Division of Space and Plasma Physics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden;
  13. Dr. Bernard Foing, Senior Scientist at the European Space Agency;
  14. Dr. Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Head of Dep. of Atmospheric Chem. and Clim. IQFR-CSIC, Spain;
  15. Prof. Anthimos Georgiadis, Leuphana Uni Lüneburg, Inst. für Produkt- und Prozessinnovation,
  16. Dr.Hab.Phys. Linards Skuja, Optical Materials lab., Inst of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia.