The NSP FOTONIKA-LV platform includes a wide range of equipment to study astrophysics and planetary sciences.

The mobile ion beam apparatus GRIBA

GRIBA ion beam instrument

The conceptually new mobile ion beam apparatus GRIBA that is complementary with the stationary laboratory instrument GUNILLA built and upgraded jointly by research teams in Gothenburg and Riga enables new research topics to be addressed. Interest in negative molecular ions was boosted in astrophysics in the symposium held Gothenburg. Unexpectedly, a branched carbon chain alkyl molecule, iso-propyl cyanide (i-C3-H7-CN) has been detected in interstellar space with relative abundance of 40% and, seems participate in forming branched structures similar to amino-acids. Reaction rates and electron affinity measurements in ion beam experiments may contribute data to
enable modelling of formation of complex organic molecules in interstellar space.