Directive of the Rector of the University of Latvia regarding the LU national science platform NZP FOTONIKA-LV and its research centres and experimental facilities.

In the context of the LU Rector Directives 1/215 (18.06.2018) and 1/427 (18.12.2015) respectively on the establishment of NZP FOTONIKA-LV and the transfer and placement of scientific institutes at the LU House of Science,

  1. Renovate the LU atomic physics building at Šķūņu (shchoonju) Street 4 to become the NZP FOTONIKA-LV Innovation and Outreach Centre and Experimental facility;
  2. Specify that, in this building:

2.1. the planning shall be optimised accordingly by deploying the LU Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy (ASI) laboratories for the study atmospheric physics and photochemical laboratories, and the LU Institute of Astronomy Optical Mechanical Department’s experimental equipment for basic and applied research, as well as locating projects funded by the Science Council of Latvia as well as European Regional Development (ERDF) projects, and for executing LU effective cooperation projects partnering with companies in Latvia and abroad, including THE US;

2.2. the building shall house a suitably equipped joint use technology room, a rated clean room, mechanical workshops, an array of laser apparatus and spectroscopy equipment, glass/quartz processing technology, as well as a vacuum technology laboratory;

2.3. optimal deployment of units to promote innovation and dissemination of research and outreach:

  • the Riga Fotonics Centre established for the funds of the FP7 REGPOT project – for technology transfer and publicity now registered as a not-for-profit association with a mission to promote science and advance photonics in Latvia;
    • Small and medium-sized business innovation promotion group;
    • Planning for renovation fostering optimal use of the Riga Photonics Centre building is organised by the scientific secretary of NZP FOTONIKA-LV Dr Arnold Ubele and administrator Dr Aigars Atvars, with the support of the directors of the laboratories and institutes that comprise NSP FOTONIKA-LV